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2020 and Beyond: Think Digital and Conventional Integration in 5 Areas

2020 and Beyond: Think Digital and Conventional Integration in 5 Areas

January 1, 2020 | By Steve Fuller

We have entered a world of digital buzzwords that can send a marketer’s head spinning. Which direction should you go instead of, or in addition to, conventional marketing? AI, programmatic, chatbots, conversational marketing, SEO, search, social influencers, video, audio, shoppable content and the list goes on. One should remember from personal experience that the newest, shiniest thing, as pretty as it may be, may not be the best option for success which, in the end, is the measure of everything we do.

Our primary objective in working with clients is quantifiable results. To that end, we spend countless hours testing and looking at results from a wide array of new and exciting marketing tools, so you don’t have to take a chance with your marketing dollars. Below, we will look at five growing trends and how combining them with some older ideas can make both work better in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Streaming Video Consumer Spending to Jump 29% in 2020 to $24 Billion The anticipated jump comes as streaming video providers like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video have been joined by a squadron of new direct-to-consumer arrivals. Last November saw the debut of Disney Plus and Apple TV. Plus, WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, NBCUniversal’s Peacock and Quibi are on deck for spring 2020. Don’t know where to start? Seattle Times Media Solutions can help you with video production and placement.
  2. Why Include Direct Mail in Optichannel Marketing? When direct mail is personalized and tightly integrated into the channel mix and campaign technology, average response rates improve significantly: a 62% increase in those reporting good or very good response rates. The ROI of multichannel campaigns also improves significantly, with an 80% increase in those reporting good or very good ROI.
  3. Social Media Ad Spend to Hit $112 Billion Even Though It “Stumps” Marketers Instead of having a “social marketing strategy,” the study says, marketers should instead use social tactics and technology strategically alongside other channels to achieve broader marketing goals. Our social media experts and campaign managers can help you hit the right multichannel mix.
  4. Shoppable Content – The Ultimate Guide to New-Era Content Marketing Shoppable content has been trending as consumers’ needs, expectations and tastes relating to shopping are changing. They are looking for a source that can deliver a seamless user experience. With the diminishing gap between content and commerce, marketers have responded by delivering shoppable content that fulfills the diversified expectations of consumers singlehandedly. Over 90% of users trust recommendations from peers while making an online purchase.
  5. 10 Ways to Integrate Print and Digital Looking for some easy ways to get your print and digital campaigns together, making both more effective? The linked article has some good examples to start with.

From the moment you realize things need to change, through the development of a profile of your audience and the building of a comprehensive plan for your success, we are here to help. Read more about Seattle Times Media Solutions.


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