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Align your brand with a recognized name in local news, support independent journalism and reach millions of consumers who read our daily newspaper, website and mobile apps.


Winner of 11 Pulitzer Prizes, The Seattle Times reaches about 566,900 readers daily and more than 717,700 on Sundays with compelling, original, local content. Reach a highly engaged audience of readers who cherish the newspaper experience.

Source: 2018 Scarborough Report, Release 1

Make an impact with print advertising in The Seattle Times, scaled to any budget. Target your message to engaged readers in any of our products, including local, sports and lifestyle content.

Standard Advertising

Stand out with ad positions like spadea, front-page Power Notes, front-of-section banner ads and customized content sponsorships; all designed to get noticed.

High Impact Advertising

Distribute your preprinted inserts in The Seattle Times, or choose print and delivered flyers or sections in newsprint or gloss format. Target distribution to specific ZIP codes or choose full-run Sunday distribution.

Insert Advertising

From sports season previews to seasonal guides and programs for niche events, we regularly publish expanded content in our daily and Sunday editions. Custom special sections can be dedicated entirely to your business or organization, including writing, design, printing and distribution.

Special Sections


The region’s top news source, our website and mobile apps get 32 million page views per month. With display, video and native advertising options surrounded by engaging local content, you can deliver your message your way.

Digital banner ads offer a versatile and affordable way to connect with your customers. Target your message to specific audiences or geographies to make sure it reaches the right person at the right time.

Standard Advertising

When you need to make an impact on a mass audience, these options help you get the message out in a memorable way. Home page and section takeovers capture attention on a specific day, no matter which device the reader is using.

High Impact Advertising

Pre-roll or in-story video units let you tell your story in sight, sound and motion. Our extended video network allows you to expand the reach of your video across the web.

Video Advertising

Native advertising on connects businesses and readers with useful, relevant advertiser-provided content in article form. Native advertising provides benefits beyond brand awareness, including establishing your business as a category expert and thought leader and increasing the organic search results (SEO) of your website.

Native Advertising


With stunning photography, evocative storytelling and lifestyle content focusing on food and wine, gardening, home design and healthy living, it’s no surprise Pacific NW is the region’s #1 most-read magazine, reaching more than 742,200 readers every Sunday.

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