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Branded Content Innovation Tour – Four Key Takeaways

December 12, 2019 | By Amber Aldrich

Branded content – also known as native advertising, sponsored content, social content, content marketing or even advertorial – it’s such a new area of advertising that it lacks conformity of a ...

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Trends to Watch for in 2020 Planning

November 19, 2019 | By Kelly Hulin

It’s no surprise that digital advertising will continue to surpass spending in traditional media, with digital revenue growing to $172 billion by 2021 – a 60% increase from 2018. What is surprising ...

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Got Video? Go Digital.

October 15, 2019 | By Matthew Gaine

Digital video has been steadily increasing in popularity with both advertisers and consumers over the last few years. It is an important tool to have in your advertising budget.  With cutting the ...

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Smarter Social

September 17, 2019 | By Robert Hoyt

Monthly active users on Facebook as of June 30, 2019 = 2.41 billion Population of the planet in 1951 = 2.58 billion Mobile Minutes is spent on Facebook or Instagram = ...

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E-commerce marketplaces turn local businesses into national companies in a few clicks

August 6, 2019 | By Brandon Clark

E-commerce marketplaces turn local businesses into national companies in a few clicks Imagine you have a company that directly manufactures and sells electric skateboards to a local market. The business operates ...

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Digital Marketing Analytics that Matter: Seeing the Forest and the Trees

July 3, 2019 | By Kimberly Pfaff

It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. That analysis is especially astute when looking at metrics in digital marketing. With so many metrics available to track the success of ...

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Branded Content Engages, Informs and Connects

June 4, 2019 | By Lucia Blackwell

Readers are looking for content that meets their needs. Answers a question they have. Solves a problem. Gives them an advantage. Makes them look smarter, funnier, more in touch. Branded content ...

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Performance Based Digital Marketing Workshop

May 28, 2019 | By Julia Merrick

Where do I invest in marketing for the best possible return on investment? How do I know if my marketing is working for me? The Performance Based Digital Marketing Workshop was ...

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Brand Evolution at MarketMix 2019

May 20, 2019 | By Chandler Downs

This year’s annual marketing conference for the AMA Puget Sound on May 8 set out to educate attendees on “The Evolution of Brand.” MarketMix 2019 brought new formats, increased networking opportunites ...

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Evolution of the Media Mix - How Traditional and Digital Marketing Work Together

May 1, 2019 | By Amber Aldrich

As a 122-year-old newspaper company, The Seattle Times appears to be the epitome of traditional media, with the news still published in printed form, just as it was in 1897 when ...

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