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Brand Evolution at MarketMix 2019

Brand Evolution at MarketMix 2019

May 5, 2019 | By Chandler Downs

This year’s annual marketing conference for the AMA Puget Sound on May 8 set out to educate attendees on “The Evolution of Brand.” MarketMix 2019 brought new formats, increased networking opportunites and a dynamic speaking duo of Stephen Black (Vice President Brand Strategy, BECU) and Leslie Phinney (CEO and Creative Director, Phinney Bischoff) to kick off the event.

Amber Aldrich, Senior Advertising Director for Seattle Times Media Solutions, presented on the synergy of traditional and digital marketing, along with our sponsoring partners at Seattle University.­­­­­­­­­­­

Didn’t make it to this year’s event? Here’s three things you missed.

Relevant. Authentic. Unique.

“Brand Essense” is a theme that echoed throughout the day’s sessions, reinforced with BECU’s experience in rebranding. How do you create a “brand essense” comparable to the likes of Disney, Nike and Apple? It isnt easy, but authenticity is a good place to start. What are your organization’s core values and what do you stand for? By leaning in to what makes your brand unique, you keep the focus on you — and off your competition.

Déjà vu.

The Seattle marketing firm Green Rubino reminded us that the brand strategy of the future is … that of the past! Future-proof your company by ignoring the constant chase for the lowest cost per acquisition (and advertising trends that don’t match your brand) and instead invest in the full funnel with content that delivers your brand. Don’t rely on telling your audience who you are, but give them the opportunity to experience it!

Differentiation = success

Your brand is the only truly sustainable way to differentiate your organization. Ironclad, creators of contract-management software in San Francisco, reminded us that the reason we care about brand is because we care about differentiation. Differentiation = value. If you are constantly staying competitive solely on price, you risk winning the race to the bottom on margin. Let your brand improve your business by ensuring healthy margins. How do you do that? Brand positioning, Positioning makes it easier for the customer to choose you and say “yes” to your brand.

Feeling like you missed out? Keep updated by following AMA Puget Sound’s LinkedIn Page for updates on the 2020 event and join organizations like Alaska Airlines, Seattle Aquarium, Boeing and Nutpods next year. We will see you there!

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