Interactive Storytelling

Visual elements are a powerful way to highlight information and deepen engagement by giving readers an active role in your story.

With interactive storytelling, readers become doers as they take a quiz, follow a timeline or explore a photo collection. These interactive elements can be embedded into a text-based article, or they can work together with text, photos, video and other elements in a full-page interactive experience.

Custom Interactive

Looking for a fully immersive experience for your audience? Work with us to create a custom interactive that tells your story from start to finish and invites readers to tap your expert resources for more details.

Interactives that can be embedded into your story page:

Quote Card

Add emphasis and create visual interest to a quote or fact by calling it out with an image and adding an element of movement.

Look Book

Add visual impact to your story by capturing key elements of your story with photos and captions readers can interact with at their own pace.

Simple Quiz

Position yourself and your business as an expert resource as you challenge readers to test their knowledge or discover new information about themselves or their world.

Interactive Chart

Interactive charts and graphs make details more fun and easier to understand. Readers engage directly with your data and results, creating tactile memories and enhanced understanding.


Distill important moments from your story into memorable visual touchpoints readers can discover for themselves.

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