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Performance Based Digital Marketing Workshop

Performance Based Digital Marketing Workshop

May 5, 2019 | By Julia Merrick

Where do I invest in marketing for the best possible return on investment?

How do I know if my marketing is working for me?

The Performance Based Digital Marketing Workshop was an opportunity for SMB owners and marketing leaders to take a deep dive into the world of performance-based digital marketing. Specialists from Seattle Times Media Solutions hosted the event at their North Creek location, and covered strategy, measurement, where to invest marketing dollars, and how to capitalize digital marketing investments.

The hands-on event included lunch, games and prizes, plus an opportunity for clients to meet with The Seattle Times’ digital marketing experts. Guests also learned about successes from local businesses and formulated their own plans for successful marketing.

Sessions included “Performance Based Marketing Strategy and Successes” with Amber Aldrich, Senior Advertising Director. The presentation was an overview on how winning plans start with understanding audience and the consumer journey before determining conversion points. Guests also learned how to develop a comprehensive, multi-tactic strategy with measurable results.

“What’s Hot in Digital Marketing Today,” with Sales Director Kelly Hulin and Business Development Account Director Carly Davis, reviewed the hottest trends in digital marketing, including video and Connected TV, mobile geo-fencing with footfall attribution, branded content, e-commerce strategies and more.

Following was an “Expert Q&A, Meet & Greet” with Seattle Times Media Solutions Campaign Managers who have expertise in search, social, programmatic display and branded content.

The event wrapped up with a fully interactive session, “Understanding Digital Analytics,”­­ with Allyson McKinney, Agency Services Director, and Natasha Roque, Account Manager, Digital Advertising. Guests played along with a collaborative quiz using mobile devices, all the while taking a deep dive in the what goes into understanding digital analytics on a more comprehensive level.

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